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Pay Per Click Services

Digital Net India (DNI) provides pay per click services in Noida and beyond to clients interested in investing in a paid advertising campaign online. Traffic comes into a website from two sources – search marketing or unpaid sources and pay per click (PPC) ads or paid sources. The ads are of different types, e.g. display ads or banner ads that can be found on any website provided the website has given the permission to carry the ad. Then there are search engine result page (SERP) ads that always appear right at the top of the page and also right in the middle of the SERP. Every time a visitor clicks on a display ad on any website, the advertiser is charged a fee that is shared between the website and the search engine. If there’s a click on an ad in any SERP, the fee is charged by the search engine.

Advantages of advertising on the web

Compared to the cost of television commercials (TVCs) and ads in the print media or even outdoor and ambient media, the cost of advertising on the web is way too less. DNI is the kind of PPC company in Delhi NCR that will not only help you advertise optimally on the web but also ensure that your ads appear in websites and SERPs that are relevant to your business. The ads on traditional media not just cost you many times more but you also don’t have any means of knowing the kind of response you are getting from them.

That’s not the case in PPC advertising though; here, you get to know the full details of the kind of response your ad has been able to generate for you. In other words, you get return on investment (ROI) that is fully accounted for. That’s how it has been designed – every click on your ad brings the viewer straight into your website, to the specific page you want him/her to land on. The web is actually much more efficient because there is yet another type of online ad known as pay per view (PPV) where it accounts for a viewer who has merely visited the page where your ad is displayed. Our pay per click services helps you know the ROI of your ad spend down to last detail.

Difference in the cost of ads on different Web Pages

Many a time you may not find any ad on a particular SERP. That happens when the keyword for that particular SERP is not popular enough to attract an ad or it could be that the search engine hasn’t found a relevant ad for this particular SERP. It may not have anything to do with the popularity level of the keyword of the SERP. Actually, it all depends on how the search engine algorithms configure the relevance of the ad with that of the SERP. DNI offers you one of the best PPC services in India where we ensure that your ads on SERPs with the best traffic.

Similarly, there are different rates for advertising on different websites. For instance, the cost of advertising on hugely popular websites like or would be much higher than the cost of advertising on sites that are down on the popularity ratings. Of course, the popularity of a website depends on the kind of relevant traffic it attracts and the time such traffic spends on the website. If your PPC ad campaign is not handled by a professional and efficient Google adwords services in Delhi NCR like DNI, your ads might end up in the wrong websites and will fail to get you the kind of ROI you deserve.

Deep understanding of how Web Advertising Works

DNI is a leading web service provider and is poised to serve you anywhere across the country and beyond. At one point, it all boils down to the technical efficiency of the organization handling your PPC ad campaign because getting optimum results with limited budgets has always been a challenge in advertising dating back to days when traditional advertising was mainstream. The cost of ad space varies with the fluctuations in the popularity levels of the media platforms. Our PPC management services are programmed to build a winning PPC ad campaign for you.
As a leading PPC company in Delhi NCR, we have handled enough PPC ad campaigns to know the kind of effort it takes to design an effective campaign that gets you great ROI. Here again the keywords come into play and researching to select the right ones requires experience and anticipation above all. The pages on your website where the viewers are supposed to land after clicking on your ad needs to be optimized adequately for the viewers to feel that they are in the right place to buy what they were looking for.

Getting the best out of your PPC campaign

Not many PPC services in India realize that creating relevant and precisely targeted ad campaigns can attract the search engine algorithms more efficiently. This brings in a favorable response to the campaign from the search engines and fetches it reward points that are programmed for advertisers who play by the rules and does so intelligently. The reward points result in lesser charges for clicks on your ad which eventually save you substantial amounts of money. Only a Google adwords services in Delhi NCR like DNI can get you these advantages

The search engine rules are simple – your ads and the way you optimize your landing pages have to be useful for customers clicking on your ad. This means that your conversions should be incrementally higher which is what our PPC management services are designed to achieve for you. It’s a twin advantage for you as the search engines charge you less per click leading to lesser cost and more profits for your business in addition to higher conversions. Our pay per click services in Noida knows exactly how to do it the right way and get your bottomlines to boost in a sustainable manner.