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Digital Net India (DNI) is a SEO company in Noida but with a pan-India footprint. Our search marketing services are based on the most advanced research and methodologies used by any top SEO services in India or elsewhere. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of methods and processes that help a website to attract visitors without paying any direct cost for using any media platform. Such traffic coming into a website is known as organic traffic while the other type of traffic that comes to a website is known as paid traffic, meaning visitors have clicked an online ad of a company to reach its website.

Our SEO Services never overlook the basics

Every search engine has a secret recipe called an algorithm to turn all the information it has, into useful search results for users doing the searches. The key to higher rankings is to ensure that your website has the variables that search engines need for their algorithms because that can help your website figure on top of the search results which helps people find your website more easily.

Let’s look at the key variables of SEO in India that help your website figure on top of the search results.

Words: - Any good SEO company in India will tell you that words matter because every search begins with a keyword, e.g. ‘tour operators’. When you type this keyword on the search engine browser, the search engine result page (SERP) will show you a list of tour operators from your local area or close by.

Title: - Titles are important because each page on the web has an official title which a user can’t see because it is in the code. DNI is a top SEO company in Delhi NCR and knows well that search engines pay a lot of attention to page title because they often summarize the page like a book’s title.

Links: - This is another very important part of the search process as links between websites matter. When one webpage links to another, it’s usually a recommendation, telling readers that ‘this site has good information’. DNI’s best SEO services in Greater Noida will ensure that you webpage gets a lot of good links coming to it while no links come from irrelevant or bogus sites. Hence the search engine algorithms will always give preference to such links.

Words in the Links:- DNI is an SEO services company in Greater Noida that carefully considers the words to be used in the links as they also matter a great deal. For instance, if your webpage says ‘tour operators offer bus services’, the search engines will be able to make out that your website offers bus services also as part of your tour operation services.

Reputaion: - Search engines give a lot of weightage to reputation as websites with a consistent record of fresh and engaging content and growing number of quality links always get preference from the algorithms and consequently do well in the search rankings.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Rankings

We do SEO agency in India after taking into account the most relevant things about the company and the products we are promoting. For instance, our first priority is to ensure that specific pages of the company we are promoting, figure at the top of the SERPs for the specific keywords of that company. This is easier said than done.
Search engine rankings cannot be ensured by any one SEO factor and that’s why an extraordinary HTML title won’t be of much use if the content quality of a page is low. Similarly a large number of links will not be useful if they are low in quality. The chances of success are higher with positive factors, while negative elements can actually reduce the scope.

Types of SEO Services in India and processes

The algorithms in Google normally have two critical factors that have a strong impact on the ranking of a website; they are, on page factors and off page factors.

On Page SEO

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The on page factors of Google’s algorithms refer to the features of your website beginning with the technical set-up of your website, e.g. the quality of your coding. Next, it is the quality of the content in your website both text and visual followed by the user experience (UX) or ease of navigation that your website provides. A top SEO company in Delhi NCR knows the importance of getting your website in the right shape by focusing on all these three critical features for you to initiate on page optimization of your website. Only when your website is fully equipped with all these necessary features, will the best SEO services in Noida initiate your off page SEO activities. SEO is the science of confirming how any website is coming on top of the desired search.

Off Page SEO

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As the name suggests, off page SEO is related to all the promotional activities you undertake outside your website. An SEO services company in Greater Noida will get you links from other relevant and quality websites including social media sites back to your website. Here again, it is necessary to ensure that no attempt is made to get bogus back links from totally irrelevant websites that have no relation to your business. Google’s algorithms are very smart and sophisticated and have been programmed to ignore such links. Our search engine optimisation services prevent poor linking of your websites as it affects your ranking and pulls it down.

As a leading SEO company in Gurgaon we believe that the objective of all traffic coming into your website is to give your sales team more opportunities to achieve conversions. And that can happen only when your web pages clearly explain your product or service offering to the visitor. If the visitor doesn’t find in your website what s/he is looking for, s/he won’t wait even a second longer before leaving your website. This is referred to as ‘bounce’, which means the visitor has bounced out immediately upon landing on your website because the content is irrelevant for him/her. A good website should always have a very low bounce rate.