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Professional Web Development Services in Noida

The process of web development mainly involves the coding or programming that goes into making a website functional, client-side and server-side scripting and network security configuration. Digital Net India (DNI) is a web development company in Noida that exclusively undertakes these tasks that have no design involvement and includes coding and writing markup. Our web development services range from creation of pages containing plain text to applications that are complex such as, social network applications and ecommerce applications. At DNI we offer the full range of services to our clients based in Noida and elsewhere in India as well as those that are based overseas.

DNI’s web development services in Noida involve a number of steps that we take from the beginning till the end of a web design project. These steps categorize the work we do at different stages and divide them into tasks and resources for future use:

The Planning Stage

This is the most critical stage of a website development in India as it maps the direction of progress that we follow for a project. Although we interact with our client at almost every stage of their website’s development, it is at the planning stage that the interaction is the most intense when we record every requirement in detail. We begin with an analysis of your exact requirement including your objectives, goals and target market differentiation. On the basis of this information, we develop the project charter which aims to keep every stakeholder on the same page. We then develop a site map that acts as a ready reckoner for any kind of information a stakeholder may require. Access to servers is a critical necessity for validating FTP host and control panel credentials among others.

The Designing Stage

We are a web development company in Delhi NCR that appreciates the design stage as it is all about implementation of whatever has been marked out at the planning stage. This is where we bring the website up to a level where it acquires the look that it is finally going to get. So, the site structure and the visual representation of the website are completed at this stage. Only after this stage is completed, do we bring the content into the site. The actual layout of the website starts taking shape with the design elements planning and wireframe, using information obtained from the client earlier in the planning phase. In order to organize the design elements in layers, we design mock-ups in Photoshop for easier modification. This is helpful for us at a later stage when we have to adopt a lot of slicing and coding on the website design. Finally, we move on to the basic design after slicing the Photoshop mock-up and then write the HTML and CSS code.

The Development Stage

This is the stage where the bulk of the programming work is done in addition to loading of content which is done both at our as well as the client’s end. As the website takes shape, we keep referring to the details we recorded at the planning stage even as we organize the code with remarks. Depending on whether we use an ASP/PHP framework or a content management system, we go on to build the development framework and get the basic engine up and running
like a professional web development company in Noida.

One reason why we do this as early as possible is to ensure that the server handle the installation and set-up smoothly as it is likely at this stage for critical situations to enforce a diversion from the process. Thereafter we test special features and interactivity and we do it before loading the static website content because of the space available in the website. On other occasions we may activate the validation and forms as well. The next stage of our web development services in Noida is when we load the content on the new website and make sure that we have every bit of content just where you want it. This is what the reader comes to your website for and only after reading it does he make a purchase decision. The content could be developed by you or by us as we have our own specialized team that produces high quality on page and off page content.

The Launch Stage

Here we review and check back on literally everything that we have done till now because once the website is launched, it will be in public domain. Moving the website to its permanent web server is a crucial early step at this point because servers may have varying features and behave in an unexpected manner. Here we give the final touches to the design elements, test the interactivity and features in depth and take a good long look at the user experience.
By the time we reach this stage, we have your site in a launch-ready mode but as a best practice we do a little more polishing of smaller areas of the website development in India. Finally, after transferring to a live web server and then running the website through the final diagnostic test, we check if your website runs on different browsers across devices.

The Post-Launch Stage

We are a web development company in Delhi NCR that closes projects in the smoothest way possible and make sure that you have no issues with your new website in any way. From organizing source files, to providing instructions for future use as well as any training that may be required for your staff who will manage the website. We provide the website documentation including, a soft-copy site map along with details of the framework and languages used. It will come in handy in case you decide to work with a different web development company in Noida any time in future.
In case you find the entire process of web development something of mystery we are always at hand to make it easy for you. We appreciate that this is not your core function and will help you in every way possible to get a grip on the methods we used to build your website.